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Ideas for re-using the wood produced from our work


GriffonThis Griffon was created from a lump of a conifer tree we felled and now lives on my garden!

All materials from our work – Woodchip &Timber-are treated as valuable resource & are UpCycled.

We encourage transformation of good sound Timber into:-

Milled planks for Home Furniture

Garden Furniture

Cladding Sheds


Or:-  Why not commission a chainsaw sculpture for your garden by a local craftsman. (see picture).


Woodchip can be used for pathways, chicken runs, horse paddocks etc. Left to rot down it will turn into compost for mulching & weed suppression.


Root Feeding:- We are also great believers in Root Feeding with organic liquid seaweed & seaweed meal to improve soil condition which unlocks nutrients and so improves Tree Health.