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Our Qualifications & Experience for Wildlife Conservation



Clare Overhill  & Zeb Rhodes

Established in 1992 as a family run business with a respect for the natural environment.

We are always aware of other species that may be sharing the same location as out customers. From this, we hope to inspire people to understand that they are the custodians as well as the owners of their patch of land, and we are always happy to inform and encourage people on this level of understanding.

Since  new  laws  were  introduced  in  1995  we  have  been  conducting  Wildlife  Assessments  for  all  the  work  viewed  or about  to  be  carried  out.  This  includes  wildlife  habitat  for  all  species,  reporting  and  passing  on  of  information  to  the  county  recorders  and  wildlife  trusts.   In  the  scope  of  wildlife  habitats  we  have an  enormous  knowledge  of  understanding  the  cycles  of  bird  nesting  and  how,  if  disturbed,  to  rescue  and  care  for  wild  creatures.

We  have  many  years  practical  experience  in  understanding  wildlife  habitat  in  view  of  current  legal  standards.  The  understanding  of  wildlife  habitat  includes  that  of  bats,  temporary  roosts,  winter  roosts  etc.  as  well  as  a  wide  range  of  species  and  the  roles  that  they  have  in  the  ecology  they  live  in.

This  is  now  an  essential  part  of  our  tree  surgery  work.


Zeb  Rhodes  has  now  joined  the  business  and  has learned the necessary skills and NTPC qualifications to become a key worker in the business. And like Clare  upholds  the  same  degree of emphasis  on  the  need  for  environmental  sensitivity.