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Hedge Trimming & Field & Garden Fencing


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Conifer, Beech, Yew and Wild Hedges need trimming and maintenance.



Some people like their hedges immaculate trimming them twice a year and others may choose to trim them bi-annually. Whatever your choice we can trim the height and the sides of any hedge.

We can also reduce hedges in height where they have grown much too tall. Removal of hedges is sometimes necessary and we can take those down, grind out the stumps and replace with something else.

We are cautious about trimming when the weather is too hot or too cold. Bad frost will cause a conifer hedge to burn as much as a very hot day in June.

We now offer Post and Rail Fencing for field or garden.




Ground Preparation

If the ground in fence line is too uneven we can clear and level the ground before fence is erected. Please ask us for a price.